Product Care

Juicy Peach Clothing

Product Care


Caring for your Juicy Peach apparel

Cleaning your Juicy Peach Clothing
·Never use hot water, ALWAYS use cool or tepid.
·Wash with mild soap and water.
·Fragrance-free and softener-free soaps are best.
·Machine wash 'gentle', Hand washing is best to avoid stretching
·Do not use chlorine bleach. (Clorox). Oxy Clean is okay for removing stains if you must
·Do not use fabric softeners, it will mess up the material
·Do not put our products in the dryer. Hang dry for best results
·Turning clothing inside out reduces friction against other items and clothes will look better longer
·Do not eat Tide Pods

·Do not leave sweaty items in a pile
·Do not over stretch elastic
·You should not need to iron, BUT if absolutely necessary, use the lowest temperature setting and place a pressing cloth between the garment and the iron, making sure to iron very quickly
·Avoid excessive heat. Do not tumble dry, leave on the dashboard of your car, or microwave

·Store as you would any of your most prized possessions in the whole wide world.